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Headmasters of KL Partnership Institutes Had Successful Visit in China

The involvement of US institutions establishing global partnerships and branch campuses around East-Asia continues to rise. Overseas investors and educators have taken a keen interest in establishing international academic programs within their home countries. At the political level, additional government support provides and easier pathway for schools to make their transition as a globally focused institution.

An example of this support comes from Korea, where the Incheon Global Campus Foundation works with overseas institutions to establish accredited degree programs at the Songdo Global University. Partnered universities benefit through facilities access and $1 million of startup money invested into the program. In China, 3 globally focused universities, Duke, Kean University and NYU have received extensive support from investors and local, provincial and national government and are gearing up for a Fall 2014 opening of each respective program. At the secondary education level, 3rd parties, both non-profit and for profit, continue to invest in and support partners which has led to an influx of schools with already existing programs to open additional programs, and schools new to global campuses to begin exploring their first venture. Wasatch Academy, one of the first independent schools to enter the realm of partnerships, now has 5 programs throughout mainland China, as well as collaborative engagements with schools in Japan, India and Ecuador. St. Mary’s School will open its fifth dual diploma program at Guiyang No. 1 this fall and student numbers continue to increase at the 4 other existing campuses.

In the spirit of promoting and growing global education, KnowledgeLink regularly hosts Head of School trips aimed at strategic networking and partnership engagement. During mid-late March, KnowledgeLink and 4 of our partner schools traveled around China exploring partnerships to establish sister-school relationships, teacher or student exchange activities, and dual diploma programs at branch campuses. Our group comprised of partners that are in different stages of global engagement. Some were interested in exploring the opportunities to complement their growing international program at the home campus. Others focused on growing their current overseas campuses and diversifying their regional and academic offerings. For Christian Brother’s High School of Sacramento, this was President Lorcan Barnes’s first time visiting China and experiencing Chinese education first hand. With a growing international program at the home campus, Lorcan made the trek to China to explore new global opportunities. He commented: “I was uncertain as to what to expect. I came away with a greater understanding of Chinese education and an open mind to pursuing partnerships that will enhance our students’ education, build on our school’s reputation of excellence, and provide a renewable revenue stream to support our mission.”

Altogether, our 4 US school partners (Christian Brothers High School, Grace Academy, The Barstow School, and St. Mary’s School) connected with over 20 Chinese schools during the trip. In one setting, 3 of our partners had the pleasure of participating in a 16 school Sino-US Educational meeting hosted in the city of Guiyang, Guizhou. US administrators had the ears of 50+ Chinese school officials as they presented on American educational values and the unique successes of their respective schools. On a separate occasion, Jack Appleby, the Head of School from Grace Academy, traveled to Chengdu to visit the world famous Panda reserve, and more importantly, one of China’s nationally recognized famous high schools, Chengdu No. 7. Reflecting on his visit and his goals for an expanded Grace Academy international program, Jack noted, “The trip to China brought a reality to my international program that had not existed prior.” He continued, “It brought to life that we do live in a global economy and we can no longer live in our own little bubble. [After visiting], I am even more eager to build new program connections to offer more possibilities than exist currently.”

2014.06.10 Headmaster Trips 2

Grace Academy Headmaster Jack Appleby interacts with Chinese students in Guangdong

2014.06.10 Headmaster Trips 3

The Barstow School Headmaster Shane Foster answer student’s question in Ningbo, China

2014.06.10 Headmaster Trips 4

St. Mary’s School headmaster Frank Phillips is welcomed by students in Changsha, China

2014.06.10 Headmaster Trips 5

Christian Brothers High School Headmaster Lorcan Barnes visits students in Guangdong


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