圣玛丽中学 (St. Mary’s School) 建于1865年,是美国俄勒刚州最古老和最著名的学校,连续多年评为“全州最佳”。学校提供17门大学预读(AP)课程,通过率高达73%。100%的毕业生升入四年制大学,包括哈佛大学、耶鲁大学、纽约大学和乔治华盛顿大学等,学术成绩远远高于全美平均水平。圣玛丽著名校友包括UPS现任首席执行官Scott Davis先生、哈佛大学著名古典文学专家Wendell Vernon Clausen等。

圣玛丽中学是全美独立学校联盟(NAIS)的成员,AdvancED认证,是美国仅有的两所具有资格举办美国国际学校评估考试(ISA)的学校之一。 学校积极与中国教育部建立联系,成为美国第一所得到国家汉办授权开办孔子课堂的教育机构。2013年圣玛丽中学被中国国家汉办授予年度孔子课堂表彰,校长Philips先生受到中国国务院副总理刘延东接见。



项目类型: 中美双文凭项目
校区数量: 中国6所
在读年级: 1-12
师生比例: 11:1
班级人数: 18
平均教龄: 14
  • St. Mary’s – Shanghai

    at Shanghai Jinhua Private Middle School

    St. Mary’s-Shanghai was the first St. Mary’s branch campus to be established in China. Founded in September 2012, St. Mary’s-Shanghai currently employs 15 faculty serving 107 students in grades 9-12. An extensive variety of extracurricular activities is offered, including art club, basketball, cooking club, drama club, film club, Model UN, newspaper club, and the “Roots and Shoots” environmental club. Graduates of St. Mary’s-Shanghai have won admission to many fine US universities including Emory University, Wake Forest University, Boston University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northeastern University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Washington, among others.

    Address:657 Fuping Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China
  • St. Mary’s – Wuhan

    at Wuhan No. 2 High School

    Established in September 2013 in central China, the St. Mary’s-Wuhan campus currently employs 17 faculty serving high school students who enthusiastically participate in extracurricular activities including sports and drama, movie, newspaper, and radio clubs. Our students also have the opportunity to travel to St. Mary’s home campus in Medford, Oregon for summer academic and cultural exchange programming. All graduates of St. Mary’s-Wuhan have successfully enrolled in 4 year, top-rated overseas universities.

    Address:1469 Zhongshan Ave, Jiang'an, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430010
  • St. Mary’s – Pinghu

    at Zhejiang Pinghu Middle School

    Established in September 2013, the St. Mary’s-Pinghu campus currently employs 14 faculty and serves high school students who enjoy a diverse array of extracurricular activities including sports and art, computerized architecture models, cooking, and craftsmanship clubs. Our Pinghu students also have the opportunity to travel to St. Mary’s home campus in Medford, Oregon for summer academic and cultural exchange programs.

    Address:831 Donghu Ave, Pinghu, Zhejiang, China 314200
  • St. Mary’s – Shunde

    at Guangdong Experimental Shunde School

    Established in September 2014 in southeast China, the St. Mary’s – Shunde campus currently employs 5 faculty serving over 100 elementary students in grades 1 – 5. This program teaches to students’ individual strengths, cultivating creativity, fostering diverse, international perspectives, and encouraging students to be positive, curious, and responsible local, national, and global citizens.

    Address:Ronggui Xiaohuangpu Community, No. 3 Huanxi Road, Shunde, China 528303
  • St. Mary’s – Guiyang

    at Guiyang No.1 Secondary School

    Established in September 2014, St. Mary’s-Guiyang is located in a regional capital of southwest China. St. Mary’s – Guiyang currently employs 12 faculty serving 79 students in grades 10 – 12. History, Art, Cooking, Movie, and ACG clubs have already launched, and St. Mary’s – Guiyang teachers are collaborating with their counterparts at the St. Mary’s Oregon campus on environmental science programming.

    Address:1 Xingzhu East Rd, Guanshanhu, Guiyang, Guizhou, China 550081
  • St. Mary’s – Zhengzhou

    at Zhengzhou No.11 High School

    Established in September 2015 in east central China, the St. Mary’s – Zhengzhou campus currently employs 20 faculty serving 65 students in grades 10 – 12. Extracurricular activities, including baseball, cheerleading, public speaking, and the American culture club, cater to the students’ wide-ranging interests. St. Mary’s – Zhengzhou students also have the opportunity to travel to the original St. Mary’s campus in Medford, Oregon for summer academic and cultural exchange programming.

    Address:11 Chaofeng Rd, East Economic Development Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China 450000
  • St. Mary’s – Haimen

    at Haimen Zhongnan Dongzhou International School

    Stay tuned for more information about our St. Mary’s – Haimen campus which opened in September 2016.

    Address:388 Beijing Road, Haimen, Nantong, Jiangsu

    Mathematics Teacher, St. Mary’s School of Shunde

    “Chinese students face many learning barriers in Western institutions. They have language difficulties affecting their classroom interaction, and they are not used to asking questions or sharing their own ideas. I use a task-based problem solving approach which emphasizes the development of the student’s critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. In the beginning, some of the students didn’t feel confident in my class, because they were not used to this kind of approach. Now, they are able to successfully work independently, and they ask questions more often. I am very proud of these students, and they will be well-prepared for Western universities.”


    Mathematics Teacher, St. Mary’s School of Wuhan

    “Without a doubt, the students keep me excited about coming to work every morning. Our students are intelligent, engaging, and respectful, and they truly appreciate our efforts. I remain humbled by their unique insights (with math, I feel like I learn something new from them every day) and work ethic. The school is currently renovating to further enhance the experience for our students and potential students; I see much success in the future. I have the freedom to try different things in my classroom to meet the unique needs of my students, and that has been a joy to me.”


    Grade 11, St. Mary’s-Pinghu, accomplished writer, singer & future investor

    “I enjoy writing stories, and got third place in a national writing competition. In the future, I want to develop my skills in the US. I’d like to go to New York University.
    I want the whole world to unite and cooperate with no war. I also want each country to develop their economy without polluting the environment. Long-term benefits are more important than short-term ones.”


    Grade 10, St. Mary’s-Shunde, accomplished violinist, artist & cupcake baker

    “I feel very happy to have the opportunity to have classes with international teachers. Their classes are fun, meaningful, and increase my interest in learning English.
    I would like to organize my country to donate to poorer areas around the world, so that they can buy equipment and materials and develop themselves. I also think we need to use fewer resources that cause pollution, and use clean energy in our factories and companies.”

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