Chinese students Test Chemical Reactions in Chemistry Class
March 5, 2018 | KL Community

Developing Skills to Last a Lifetime

Our global campuses pride themselves on being academic environments that nurture students’ practical skills and hands-on abilities, something perfectly reflected in Chemistry teacher Ellen Tyrell’s class at our Bashu Ivy School in Chongqing. To ensure that each student has sufficient opportunities to participate and practice in the experimental laboratory, Ms. Tyrell arranges 1-2 chemistry experiments per week, like this one that asked students to pair up and measure the reaction of magnesium and hydrochloric acid.

Team projects are a mainstay of our global campuses, no matter the subject or classroom, because they foster creativity, build trust, and encourage healthy risk-taking. Not surprisingly, teamwork is the most efficient way to complete experiments. “Students learn to cooperate in teams by both listening to their partners and expressing themselves,” says Ms. Tyrell. “It is a chance to enhance both their communication and collaboration skills.”

Chinese students Test Chemical Reactions in Chemistry Class

Chemistry students at our JCS Bashu Ivy School

Chemistry experiments, whether large or small, simple or complex, encourage students to think critically about the knowledge they are learning in textbooks. Not surprisingly, students develop a real fondness for hands-on experiments because they begin to understand that they should never blindly believe theory from books and teachers, that personal verification is key.

US Chemistry Teacher with students on Global Campus in China

KL Educator Ellen Tyrell with her students

Compared with purely importing knowledge, the KL School philosophy is to cultivate students’ critical thinking skills, analyzing abilities, and study methods so they are better prepared for their future.

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