May 30, 2019 | Teacher & Student Spotlight

Highlights of a Gifted Student from St. Mary’s Guiyang who is Publishing a Book

Bai Xintong is a gifted grade 12 student from St. Mary’s Guiyang Campus. She passed the tenth grade piano examination when she was still in primary school and, in junior high school, she obtained a professional qualification as a pottery artist. At present, she is about to publish a book that she has co-authored with her mother. Moreover, she has been admitted by top-tier universities in the US, such as Rutgers University, Syracuse University, University of Pittsburgh, University of California at Davis, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at Irvine and University of Connecticut, which are referred to in the United States as “Public Ivies” universities.

Xintong will become an ambassador of China by bringing her beloved culture abroad, so that more people can learn about the culture of China and Guizhou. Her success can be attributed to the efforts of her school, her family and herself. St. Mary’s Guiyang Campus provides an innovative Chinese-English immersion bilingual program, which nurtures the student in its wholesome approach. It passes on traditions of Chinese culture and also helps students to develop both intercultural knowledge and the skills to address issues, and succeed, on a global stage.

The book :the Collection of Minority Costumes in Guizhou

The book :the Collection of Minority Costumes in Guizhou

The first book authored by Xintong and her mother is named “The Collection of Minority Costumes in Guizhou “, which will be published soon. In the meantime, Xintong is writing, modeling, filming, painting, interviewing, and translating. When we asked why she and her mom want to publish this book, Xintong said that Guizhou’s rich minority culture is a treasure of China’s national culture, and she grew up in this ancient and mysterious land. Over these past few years, Xintong followed her mother and visited more than 60 ethnic villages in Guizhou, photographing more than 100 national costumes, such as Miao, Yi, Buyi, Yao, Tujia and many others. The beauty of these costumes left a lasting impression on her.

Bai Xintong in costume

As an author, the process of finding writing material does not always go so smoothly. Xintong and her mother faced some of these challenges every day. For example, on the way to the ethnic villages they had to drive through the winding muddy mountain roads, they were stuck in the car, and Xintong had to wake up and study. They ate biscuits when they were hungry and faced a race against time to get the perfect photos; they often stayed hungry for a whole day until nightfall. No matter how cold or hot, they walked in Miaojiang Village as always.

Xintong is pleased that the book, recording all of these efforts, will be published soon.”If such a traditional village of ethnic minorities is gradually forgotten by people, it finally disappears. It would be a heartbreaking and regrettable thing,” said Xintong.

She hopes to do something to contribute to the development of national culture. She also said that she will translate the book into English, in the future, and present it on the world stage, so that ethnic groups would become known worldwide and Guizhou ethnic minority dress culture can be inherited and protected.

As we know, Xintong especially likes Chinese culture. She is also regarded as a versatile student as she is talented at many things, including singing, Chinese classical dance, jazz dance, art design, rubber stamp design, swimming, photography, guitar, tea ceremony, DIY jewelry and textiles, translation, and cultivating cooking skills.


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