项目类型: 中美双文凭高中
校区数量: 中国1所
在读年级: 9-12
师生比例: 16:1
班级人数: 18
平均教龄: 16
  • John Carroll School of Chongqing

    at Chongqing Bashu Ivy School

    Established in September 2016 in partnership with the renown Chongqing Bashu Secondary School, the John Carroll School of Chongqing currently employs over 10 faculty serving 86 students enrolled in grades 10 and 11. Students attend American high school courses, ESL, Chinese, STEM, PE, Living Skills, Art, Electives, and enjoy a wide array of extracurricular activities including animation, board game, cooking, debate, economics, environment, model design, Model UN, music, photography, and Chinese costume clubs.

    Address:Chongqing China
  • KL Educator & Academic Dean David Langenmayer


    David Langenmayer joined us in 2016 as the Academic Dean for the freshly opened John Carroll Bashu Ivy Program in Chongqing. After David’s first months at the school he shared the following:

    “As I struggle to make sense of a new school, community, and culture, I find that much of the communication I am involved in is not what it seems. At a restaurant, I order the chicken, and after much cognitive stress, I believe that I have communicated my order to the waiter proficiently. Unfortunately, I end up eating the bullfrog that is delivered to my table. These types of encounters are repeated throughout my day when involved in meetings, classes, or even just joking with my new colleagues. I spend a lot of time lost in translation. It allows me an informed perspective into the academic lives of our English language immersion students. Our academic team is working to give our students the most effective support we can do in the area of ESL to lessen their daily struggle.”

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